Fishing At Isle Royale National Park

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Isle Royale National Park is situated within the northwest corner of Lake Superior. This Backwoods Island consists of a road-less back country which forbids using all wheeled automobiles and products (except electric wheelchairs). Site visitors visiting maui paradise must arrive by boat or seaplane. The transportation services leave Houghton, Michigan, Copper Harbor, Michigan and Grand Portage, Minnesota. Vehicular parking can be obtained whatsoever departure locations.

Only One-day fishing licenses can be found around the Island. Site visitors wanting an extended license have to get them around the landmass just before departure.

Fishing At Isle Royale National Park
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General possession notes

All seafood you own count toward your limit, no matter when and where you caught them. All seafood you own should be measurable and identifiable by species. This requirement is going to be met by departing the mind and skin on.

 Interior Ponds

 An angling license isn't needed. However, Michigan size and possession limits apply.

 Approach to Take

 Only use artificial fishing lures. "Artificial lure" means any lure that's synthetic, in imitation of or as an alternative for natural bait, accustomed to attract seafood with regards to taking them, and shall include artificial flies. Live, dead or maintained bait or organic food might not be used or possessed anytime. Digging for bait isn't permitted.


 May 15 to October 31

 Minimum Size Limits:

 Walleye - 15"

 Northern Pike - 24"

 Possession Limit:

 five (5) seafood in almost any combination

 Note: size limits within the interior ponds concentrate on departing the more compact seafood. More compact seafood are essential by natural potential predators, for example eagles, osprey, loons, and otter, to whom seafood is really a main issue with their diet program.

 Lake Superior Waters (within park limitations)

 A Michigan Fishing License is needed. One-day licenses can be found limited to the Rock Harbor Lodge office or even the Windigo store. We advise acquiring your fishing license just before departing the landmass.


 Trout and Fish


 April 15 to October 31

 Minimum Size Limit:


 Possession Limit:

 Five (5) in almost any combination, but a maximum of three (3) associated with a one species.

 Coaster Brook Trout:

 Lake Superior Waters (extend 4.5 miles out of the island)

 Catch and release just for all brook trout, including all bays and provides hiding for.

 Inland Waters

 Catch and release only in most streams and Hidden Lake. Artificial fishing lures and barbless hooks only in most streams and Hidden Lake

 Disposal of Seafood Remains

 At Rock Harbor, make use of the seafood cleaning station. At Windigo, bag your seafood remains in plastic and set in trash cans. In other locations, including interior or shoreline-based back country camping locations:

 -Clean seafood a minimum of 100' from docks and camping locations

 -Cut seafood remains (skeletons and heads, too) into small pieces (4" or more compact)

 -Put the remains on shoreline a minimum of 100' from docks and campsites, between your waterline and also the plant life OR

 -Dump remains in deep (50' or much deeper) waters of Lake Superior, outdoors of protected bays or provides hiding for

 Please subdue the longing to throw bits of seafood remains towards the gulls. Frequently these bits of seafood finish up decaying in shallow water. One reason for these recommendations would be to prevent stinking seafood remains from winding up around the lake bottom near campsites and docks. Don't clean any seafood on docks. Completely scrub up and rinse away all bloodstream and slime from the on-shoreline surfaces.

 Fishery Conservation

Bear in mind the bigger seafood are the type that leave offspring. Delivering bigger seafood and keeping only more compact ones helps insure that you will see lots of seafood later on. Departing the bigger seafood and taking individuals more compact than 28 inches helps insure that you will see lots of seafood later on. More compact seafood will also be better-tasting, so consider taking photos from the large seafood, then carefully delivering them. Rather than killing trophy seafood, please consider modern graphite mounts. The park encourages anglers to trap only the things they intend to keep or eat after which stop fishing and relish the a number of other points of interest of Isle Royale.

 Moving Seafood towards the Landmass

 A permit in the Michigan DNR is needed to ship seafood on the commercial vessel. The permit will work for a regular possession limit only and could simply be used annually. Seafood should be stated by someone in the finish destination and can't be saved. Permits might be acquired by mail or phone in the Michigan DNR. Seafood might not be moved in chillers of motorboats riding around the deck from the Ranger III. Request the ship's purser how you can correctly transport seafood.

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